Nemo 16GB USB

Nemo 16GB USB
Nemo 16GB USB
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Product Details
  • 16GB Nemo USB Flash Drive.  Great 3D design.
  • Works with both Mac and PC and on sewing and embroidery machines.
  • Can be used to store your designs or bring them to your machines. It is highly recommended not to overload the USB when being used in your machines as it may take a long time for the machine to read all of the files. Only load what you want to work with!
  • Unique design is a fantastic gift for any Finding Nemo, Disney or Pixar fans in your life.  Know a nerd or kid at heart, they will want this.    
  • Plug and work technology means there is no need to install any software, just simply plug into the USB port of computer and start using. Compatible with USB 2.0 and below.
  • Perfect gift for grown ups and children.